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Jefferson Lab Director Search Committee
Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility
Newport News, Virginia

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 Jefferson Lab Director Search Committee:

Membership of the Committee:

  • Thomas Appelquist, Ph.D., Chair, (Professor of Physics, Yale University & JSA Board of Directors)
  • Ernest J. Moniz, Ph.D., Deputy Chair, (former Undersecretrary, Department of Energy & and JSA Board of Directors)
  • O. Keith Baker, Ph.D. (Professor of Physics, Yale University)
  • Jerry P. Draayer. Ph.D. (President & CEO, SURA & JSA Board of Directors)
  • Rolf Ent, Ph.D. (12 GeV Science Lead & former Hall C Leader, Jefferson Lab)
  • Bernard Frois, Ph.D. (Director of Research, National Center for Scientific Research, France)
  • Gerry Garvey Ph.D., (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
  • Don Geesaman, Ph.D. (Argonne National Laboratory)
  • John A. Gordon, Gen. USAF, Ret. (former Administrator, National Nuclear Security Administration & JSA Board of Directors)
  • Lawrence H. Hare, Ph.D. (President, CSC Applied Technology Division & JSA Board of Directors)
  • Walter F. Henning, Ph.D., (Director of GSI, Darmstadt, Germany)
  • Allison Lung, Ph.D. (12 GeV Upgrade Deputy Project Manager, Jefferson Lab)
  • Steve J. Wallace, Ph.D. (Professor of Physics, University of Maryland & JSA Board of Directors)

 Call for Nominations (Search Advertisement)


         Committee Itinerary:

             April 19, 2007 - Formal announcement of Committee's formation/membership by the JSA Board of Directors
             April 26, 2007 - First meeting of the Jefferson Lab Director Search Committee, Washington, DC
             May 15, 2007 - Conference call meeting of the Committee
             June 5, 2007 - Conference call meeting of the Committee (a.m.)
                                       Four sessions between Search subcommittee & key JLab staff (p.m.), Newport News, VA
             June 20, 2007 - Full meeting of the Search Committee, Washington, DC (Private session)
             August 3, 2007 - Full meeting of Search Committee, Washington, DC (Priviate session)
             August 18, 2007 - Full meeting of Search Committee, Washington, DC (Private session)

        As the Committee and Board near the end of search activities, the JSA Board of Directors hope to announce a new director this fall with a targeted January 1 start date.

For more information or questions:
Contact Greg D. Kubiak, Assistant Secretary, JSA, LLC.

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