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From: Gordon Wishon (gordon.wishon@oit.gatech.edu)
Date: Mon May 14 2001 - 09:21:31 EDT

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    Gentlemen --

    Attached is a proposal from Art Vandenberg of Georgia State University
    requesting SURA matching funds to support a multi-institutional
    collaboration for research into, and delivery of a prototype, directory
    service based on a 'community of interest' model. He requests SURA funding
    of between $276K - $ 351K, depending on whether his group is the recipient
    of a grant of equipment from Sun Microsystems (applied for).

    Some of you may recall Art's presentation at the IT Committee meeting last
    January, which generated substantial discussion. Art previously submitted,
    and subsequently withdrew, a proposal for SURA matching funds to support a
    grant request to NSF to develop a directory service model. At that time,
    we asked Art to solicit broader SURA institutional participation and to
    coordinate his effort with other similar efforts in the region and
    nationally, especially with the work of Internet 2 and the work of Michael

    Art withdrew the earlier request because he was unable to respond
    effectively to SURA's conditions in time to meet the NSF proposal
    deadline. However, with this request he has broadened the participation of
    SURA members, the result of a call for participation, and has the direct
    involvement of Michael Gettes from Georgetown University, who is a
    principal in the Internet 2 work in this area.

    As you can see, the request is for a fairly substantial amount of
    money. While we certainly have sufficient funds in the IT Initiative Fund
    budget to cover the request, we also anticipate having to expend funds to
    support the Regional Infrastructure Initiative in the not-too-distant
    future (although we have no idea yet what those requests may look like.

    I believe Art has done due diligence in responding to the earlier concerns
    we voiced about the previous proposal. Therefore I ask that the IT
    Committee and the Steering Group to give his proposal appropriate
    consideration for those efforts.

    Art is not under any particular deadline for a response to this. Because
    we have the luxury of some time in which to consider his request, I would
    like to engage the full IT Committee in a dialogue about this request,
    which will serve as input to the Steering Group for their consideration in
    making a decision.

    With this email, then, I am offering this proposal for comment by the
    members of the IT Committee for the duration of this week. Please send any
    comments you may have to the list. Next week, the Steering Group will take
    up this issue for a decision.

    Best Regards,

    Gordon Wishon

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    >Subject: Re: SURA directory services proposal
    >Dear Gordon,
    > Attached are four documents for the consideration of the SURA IT
    > Committee. There has been quite a bit of development, review, and
    > communication on this proposal over the last several months, and I trust
    > the effort to accommodate open and inclusive review is appreciated. We
    > look forward to SURA's review and feedback.
    ><DirSURA.doc> is a proposal for "Directory Services for Communities of
    >Interest." This proposal represents research investigation into directory
    >infrastructure that is consistent with the development of national
    >infrastructure by the Internet2 and higher education research community,
    >and is cognizant of the ViDeNet project research being done by other SURA
    >members. Faculty from Georgia State (Prof. Vaishnavi) and Georgia
    >Institute of Technology (Prof. Navathe) are prepared to participate in the
    >work. Michael Gettes, chief architect of the directory-of-directories
    >work at I2MI, and I have collaborated with Navathe and Vaishnavi to
    >develop what we believe is a sound approach to directory services.
    ><SURAbud?.xls> is an initial first year budget. It reflects the fact that
    >we are submitting a SUN Academic Equipment Grant for 3 directory servers,
    >and that GSU is prepared to commit funds for graduate and PhD students' work.
    ><ViDeCoIBigPic.doc> is a note from Jill Gemmill, ViDe Chair,
    >acknowledging that this proposal and the ViDeNet proposal to SURA are
    >"symbiotic, but do not overlap."
    ><ToViDe.doc> is a memorandum from me to Jill Gemmill in which I agree that
    >there is synergy between this proposal and ViDeNet and that we are
    >committed to communication and exchange of information.
    >I appreciate the opportunity to submit this proposal, look forward to
    >SURA's review, and believe that this proposal has excellent merits as to
    >its research objectives * supporting a directory services infrastructure
    >to benefit the research and higher education community.
    >thank you
    >Art Vandenberg
    >Director, Advanced Campus Services
    >Information Systems & Technology
    >Georgia State University
    >404-655-3159 pager

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