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Strategic Relationships with the Private Sector
The collaborative framework of SURA and its member universities leads naturally to a focus on partnerships in technology commercialization. Vibrant partnerships lead to opportunities into specific markets by providing technical development capabilities, financial assets, and customer channels to complement the technology that SURA brings to the table through JLab or its universities.

Partnerships may take many forms. Partners are classified into broad categories such as formal (Alliance and Affiliate Partners) and informal (licensees, cooperative partners and suppliers) where they can bring a range of skills into the equation. These can be business capabilities, such as financial backing, marketing and sales, or manufacturing capacity. Partners can also provide R&D or technical capabilities, such as product development or prototype refinement. Ultimately, partners are key to creating successful new ventures in the application of SURA science to meet market needs.

Pipeline of expertise
The SURA “Intellectual Property Pipeline” draws on three major sources of science and technology: Jefferson Lab research; IT and Coastal programs; and, the research and development programs at member institutions. Working with its partners, SURA’s technology commercialization program identifies market needs and seeks solutions to those needs from our IP Pipeline. Orchestrated methodologies Other successful technology commercialization programs provide excellent models from which to draw insights – what works, and what does not. A well-planned and coordinated effort ultimately yields the highest rate of success.

Many vehicles are available to facilitate this process. For work related to the mission of Jefferson Lab, outside companies and other government labs may engage with SURA to use JLab facilities and its researchers’ expertise through work-for-others arrangements. Cooperative Research and Development Agreements (CRADAs) are an effective tool for more closely-coupled working partnerships between SURA and a private sector firm wishing to move a technology further down the development path. License agreements may be negotiated with private sector partners wishing to bring particular SURA technologies to market. Or, SURA and its partners may establish startup companies in any number of arrangements.

For more information about partnering with SURA or licensing technologies, please contact Russell Moy at rmoy@sura.org.



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