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6th Annual
SURA Terahertz Applications Symposium

Thank you 2009 Commercial Sponsors and Participants

2009 SURA Terahertz Symposium
Ted Heilweil of NIST 2009 SURA Terahertz Symposium
Ophir Spiricon 2009 SURA Terahertz Symposium
SynView GmbH 2009 SURA Terahertz Symposium

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Matt Bohn, Air Force Institute of Technology  ~   Irl Duling, Picometrix
Ken Cooper , NASA JPL  ~   Ki-Yong Kim, University of Maryland College Park
Mike Klopf, Jefferson Lab ~  Oleg Mitrofanov, University College London UK
Joseph Melinger, U.S. Naval Research Lab    ~     Xiaofei Lu, RPI
Joachim Jonuscheit, Fraunhofer Institute for Physical Measurement Techniques
Torsten Löffler, Synview GmbH  ~   Mark Stringer, University of Leeds
Jill McQuade, USAF Research Lab ~  Hou-Tong Chen, Los Alamos National Lab
Dan Mittleman, Rice University    ~    Ted Heilweil, NIST
Keith Nelson, MIT   ~   Michael Wanke, Sandia National Lab
Joe Hooper, Indian Head Division Naval Surface Warfare Center
Nicholas Matlis, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
Christian Jansen, Technische Universität Braunschweig
Michael Wu, Chart Venture Partners

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SURA actively promotes the development of terahertz science and applications. We work closely with the THz team at JLab, where the world's strongest terahertz source is housed at the Free Electron Laser facility. SURA sponsors the annual Terahertz Applications Symposium each June in Washington, DC. Please contact us for more information about how to collaborate with other THz technologists in the academic, governmental, and commercial sectors.

What is Terahertz?
Terahertz is the term used to describe the portion of the electromagnetic spectrum between microwave and infrared (see EMS chart). Although terahertz waves have always existed, scientists have only recently begun harnessing the power of THz to produce images, transmit signals, and perform spectroscopic measurements. Terahertz is unique in its ability to transmit through nearly any material (like x-rays) without causing biological harm (like infrared). This will allow scanning for weapons at airports, detecting hidden explosives, pinpointing the location of skin cancer during surgery, and a host of other exciting applications.

Chart of the Electromagnetic Spectrum
The charts below are available for FREE download in pdf or jpg format. Feel free to use them in any presentations or for personal reference provided that credit to SURA is noted. Full-color, glossy 18"x24" posters are also available for purchase from SURA.

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