Tuesday, February 20 – 21, 2007
Atlanta Airport Renaissance Concourse Hotel
One Hartsfield Centre Parkway
Atlanta , Georgia 30354

Registered Participants

Meeting Minutes



Day 1

Tuesday, February 20 * Hotel Meeting Room – Concourse A

11:00am Larry Conrad - Welcome, context setting, and kickoff
              See SURA Background Materials below

11:15pm Hud Croasdale – Exec. Dir, TheQuilt - The Quilt Perspective on Services offered by the national associations for state and regional networks
              TheQuilt Organizational Overview

12:15pm Lunch

12:45pm Doug VanHouweling – CEO, I2 - New network offerings, revised governance model

2:45pm Break

3:00pm Tom West – CEO, NLR - New network offerings, status of Battelle partnership
            NLR Presentation - Wendy Huntoon
            NLR Presentation - Tom West

5:00pm Ron Johnson - VP U of WA and PNWGP -
            Teleconference overview of P-Wave, National Transit Rail, international peering perspective, "super-regional" concept
            Ron Johnson's presentation

6:00pm Reception with Cash Bar - informal discussion, presenters invited

7:00pm Dinner - presenters invited - Hosted by SURA Concourse A

9:00pm Planning group convenes to finalize agenda for Day Two


Day 2

Wednesday, February 21 * Hotel Meeting Room – da Vinci Room

7:30am Breakfast - da Vinci Room

8:00am Larry Conrad - Context Setting for Day Two and review of survey feedback from Day one

     What key messages did you hear yesterday?

     What key concerns do you have going forward?

     What key opportunities do you see for SE institutions?

     What is the single most important topic to cover on Day Two?

     Is there value in collective action going forward?

8:45am Panel Discussion with perspectives of key players in our region (5 min. each)

     Panelists: Bill Wing, Brian Voss, Peter O'Neil, Jim Pepin, Ron Hutchins
     Bill Wing's presentation

     Focus Question: What are the challenges and opportunities for our universities, our networks, our region?

9:15am Break-out sessions to discuss survey driven topics

9:45am Break

10:00am Team Leader reports from break-out sessions

10:30am Larry Conrad - Wrap-Up Discussion

     Dan Updegrove presentation on Survey Results

     Larry Conrad presentation on Connectivity scenarios for our institutions.

     Action options for our region.

     "National Networking Going Forward Scenarios"

     Don Riley presentation on SURA/SERON Regional Vision

 12:30 p.m.  Adjourn

Background Material

SURA Background Materials

     SURA IT Meeting Notes, July 27, 2006
     SERON Organization Proposal, Nov. 1, 2006
     SERON Report to SURA IT Committee, Nov. 9, 2006
     SERON Goals, Jan. 17, 2007
     SURA RONs & National Maps

Internet 2 Background Materials

     I2 Network Overview

NLR Background Materials

     NLR Annual Report 2006

Other Materials

     Regional & State Networking Principles
     Recommendations on I2 State Regional Network Members
     I2/NLR Group A Report, May 2005
     Presentations from Joint Techs Meeting in Minneapolis, Feb. 11-13, 2007
       * The Internet2 Network Tutorial - Sunday, Feb. 11, 2007
          General Overview
          Dynamic Services and IP Services
          Control Plane
          Expected Uses and Application Communities
      * Updates - Monday, Feb. 12, 2007
          Internet2 Network Update
          Dynamic Circuit Services Update
          Recent Control Plane Developments
          Workshops on Dynamic Services

Day One Feedback Survey
Day One Feedback Results