Spring 2008 All Hands Meeting Notes
1201 New York Avenue, NW
Washington , DC 20005


Wednesday 3/26/08

Install Fest, Mary Fran Yafchak

Thursday 3/27/08

CASC/SURAgrid Joint Briefings The presentations from the joint briefings are posted on the CASC past meetings page.

  • Dr. Chris Greer, Director, National Coordination Office
  • Dr. Grant Miller, Coordinator of Large Scale Networking (LSN) NCO
  • Dr. Jim Wilson, Staff, House Science Committee, Subcommittee on Research & Education
  • Dr. Mike Quear, House Science Committee, Subcommittee on Technology & Innovation
  • Rodney Petersen, Esq., Coordinator of Educause/Internet2 Computer & Network Security Task Force
  • State of SURAgrid, Art Vandenberg (State_Of_SURAgrid.pdf)

    SURAgrid Funding Update, Gary Crane (no slides)

    SURAgrid Site Report Challenge (Site_Reports.pdf)

    SURAgrid Applications, Linda Akli (Applications.pdf)

    SURAgrid Working Group Reports (Working_Group_Reports.pdf)

    SURAgrid Strategic Plan
    During this session, Art Vandenberg and members of the SURAgrid Governance Committee (SGC) reviewed the SURAgrid strategic planning process, briefed everyone on the on status of current discussion and obtained additional community input from the meeting attendees. The SGC is targeting May 2008 as a review/comment period for the draft SURAgrid Strategic Plan, with the hope of adopting the plan by June 2008.

    Open Mike
  • Jerry Perez provided an update on the one button stack install and the changes made to the documentation as a result of the ongoing testing. He added the post-installation notes to the stack instructions as well as the Condor configuration post installation instructions. http://omnius.hpcc.ttu.edu/suragrid/SURAgrid_Stack.htm
  • Art Vandenberg discussed the concept of SURAgrid Green. Inspired by a recent IBM presentation on their Project Big Green to dramatically increase the efficiency of IBM products, Art discussed whether a study across SURA institutions could reap region-wide efficiency as well as identify ways the region could reduce their carbon footprint through the use of SURAgrid or other shared CI activities.
  • Friday 3/28/08

    SCOOP Briefings, Luiz Bermudez and Mary Trauner (SCOOP_DCL.pdf) and (SURAgrid-SCOOP.pdf)

    Communications & Outreach, Linda Akli (SURAgrid Outreach.pdf)

    SURAgrid Access Management, Access Management Working Group (id-infrastructure.pdf)

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