Fall 2007 All Hands Meeting Notes
1201 New York Avenue, NW
Washington , DC 20005



  • UAB: John-Paul Robinson
  • Clemson: Corey Ferrier, Jill Gemmill
  • GMU: Jibo Xie, Bin Zhou
  • GSU: Art Vandenberg , Victor Bolet, Nicole Geiger
  • LSU: Steve Brandt
  • UMD: David McNabb
  • MSCR: Jason Hale
  • ODU: Mahantesh Halappanavar, Mike Sachon
  • SFASU: PR Blackwell
  • SURA: Linda Akli, Gary Crane, Sue Fratkin, Mary Trauner, Dali Wang, Mary Fran Yafchak
  • TAMU: Steve Johnson
  • TTU: Jerry Perez

Wednesday, September 26

Accounting Install Fest:
The Accounting Working Group hosted an Accounting Install Fest to promote understanding and adoption of shared accounting information across SURAgrid Resource Providers. During the Accounting Install Fest the following was accomplished.

Thursday, September 27

Welcome - Jerry Draayer, SURA President

State of SURAgrid (State of SURAgrid Sept 07.ppt) - Mary Fran Yafchak

SURAgrid Governance Committee – Art Vandenberg/Mike Sachon

SURAgrid Applications

SURAgrid Infrastructure

SURAgrid Documentation Updates

Mary & Linda are updating these docs and will be sending out to the community for input within the next couple of months.

Corporate Partnership Updates – Gary Crane

Friday, September 28

SURAgrid Stack Update/Packaged SURAgrid Install - Mary Fran Yafchak/Jerry Perez The SURAgrid community defined a common set of software that should be available on all SURA server systems. Planning is in progress for Stack Version 4 and work is in progress on providing a convenient way to install this software. Texas Tech University is piloting a SURAgrid install package based on similar work within the TIGRE project. Draft documentation is available on the SURAgrid Stack WIKI hosted by TIGRE at http://omnius.hpcc.ttu.edu/SURAgrid_wiki/ServerStack. Next steps are:

SURAgrid Infrastructure (continued) – Mary Fran Yafchak SURAgrid Communications and Outreach – Linda Akli Action Item Recap, Wrap-up, and Scheduling Next Meeting – Mary Fran Yafchak

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