SURA Cyberinfrastructure Workshop:

"Grid Technology: The Rough Guide"

Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC)
University of Texas at Austin
December 9, 2005

A technical workshop on grid building tools & approaches ...

Building on the topics discussed during the preceding SURA Cyberinfrastructure workshop on Grid Application Planning & Implementation, this workshop demonstrated various technologies involved in building grids. There are a myriad of grid tools available today, making navigating the grid technology landscape a daunting and somewhat harrowing task. Grid Technology: The Rough Guide was geared toward technical people interested in building grids but not sure how best to begin or what tools are available.

Key areas within grid deployment include Authentication and Authorization, User Interfaces, Resource Configuration, Maintenance/Monitoring, and Grid-Enabling Applications (toolkits). This workshop examined important components in each of these areas, highlighting some tools available for each. Expert guest speakers were on hand to explain and demonstrate the tools. The workshop included an educational overview, component-by-component discussion, and a culminating practical lab in which attendees got hands-on experience from building an actual grid.



Location: Longhorn Room, TACC

1:00-3:15 PM (Session I)

1:00-1:45 PM Introduction, Overview with Discussion and Q & A
Ashok Adiga, Research Scientist, Texas Advanced Computing Center &
Victor Bolet, Analyst Programmer, Georgia State University

1:45-2:15 PM Configuring Resources for the Grid [Local Resource Managers (PBS, LSF), Rocks]
Jerry Perez, Senior Administrator, High Performance Computing Center, Texas Tech University

2:15-3:15 PM Authentication, Authorization & Identity Issues in Grids (Globus GSI, Bridge CAs, MyProxy; VOMS/GUMS, Gridshib)
Jim Jokl, Director, Communications and Systems, ITC, University of Virginia

3:15-3:30 PM

3:30-6:00 PM (Session II)

3:30-4:45 PM
Low Level Grid Services (Job Management, Data Management, Monitoring Services)
Ravi Madduri, Software Developer, Globus Alliance, Argonne National Laboratory

4:45-5:30 PM High Level Grid Services (Web Services, Workflow Management, Data Location and Replication)
Warren Smith, Research Associate, Texas Advanced Computing Center

5:30-6:00 PM Grid Packages (Pacman, VDT, NMI)
Peter Couvares, Associate Researcher, University of Wisconsin


Location: Longhorn Room, TACC

8:00-10:30 AM (Session III)

8:00-8:45 AM User Interfaces to Grids(OGCE, GridPort, GridShell, OSG VO, GridChem)
Patrick Hurley, Software Developer DGC, Texas Advanced Computing Center

Kent Milfeld, Research Associate, Texas Advanced Computing Center

8:45-9:45 AM Application Development (Current toolkits and approaches for grid-enabling applications)
Hartmut Kaiser, IT Consultant, Center for Computation & Technology, Louisiana State University

9:45-10:15 AM Desktop Grids (Condo, United Devices, BOINC)
Ashok Adiga (Texas Advanced Computing Center)

10:15-10:30 AM

10:30 AM-12:30 PM (Hands-on Session)

Grid Lab Session (Hands-on tutorial on creating a grid)
Victor Bolet (Georgia State University) &
Ashok Adiga (Texas Advanced Computing Center)

12:30 PM

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