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SURA IT Strategic Goals and Model

The SURA CIO Committee has worked to formulate an information technology strategy for SURA. Any IT strategy for SURA must first and foremost support the mission of SURA, i.e., to foster excellence in scientific research, strengthen the scientific and technical capabilities of the nation and the Southeast, and to provide outstanding training opportunities for the next generation of scientists and engineers. The SURA CIO Council has developed a strategy that leverages information technology in ways that create competitive advantage for member institutions as they pursue federal research dollars needed to establish excellence in scientific research. The strategy developed is general in nature but recognizes the need to provide focused support for research initiatives pursued by SURA, some of which may be research into information technology itself.

The SURA CIO Council identified the following four areas of focus for SURA sponsored information technology initiatives:

  • Sponsorship of collaborative initiatives
  • Support for the development of "middleware" and applications that enable science
  • Regional information technology infrastructure development
  • Position SURA to influence national IT and networking agenda

The development of a broader framework which can be used to help identify attractive information technology projects that are worthy of an investment of SURA funds has helped to ensure that SURA members realize the best possible return on those investments. Using the broader SURA mission of fostering excellence in scientific research and the SURA IT strategic goals identified by the SURA CIO Council, the following model serves as a tool to help identify IT projects which will add value to SURAšs existing IT initiatives as a whole. This is a layered model, with the aggregate of the layers forming an infrastructure with both technology components as well as management and administrative components, that provide SURA members with a competitive advantage in the pursuit of scientific research. Individual components within the layers represent actual or potential IT initiatives that SURA might pursue directly or otherwise support. The entire layered infrastructure is designed to directly support the top layer of the model, that is, the science initiatives promoted by SURA.

The SURA IT Model

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