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2004 SURA-ORNL Summer Cooperative
Research Program in Materials Research

Since 1989, SURA has sponsored the SURA-ORNL Summer Cooperative Research Program in Materials Research at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory . Proposals will be accepted in any area of materials research making use of the unique ORNL facilities and expertise. Active involvement of students is essential. They will have access to ORNL expert scientists, interdisciplinary interations, and use of advanced equipment such as:

  • High temperature materials laboratory
  • Ultra-high resolution electron microscopy
  • Precise thermoelectric measurements
  • Neutron spectroscopy - all energies

Examples of recently supported work are in the fields of biomaterials, ceramics and metallurgy, materials characterization (e.g. neutron scattering, electron microscopy, etc.), preparation, processing and analysis of high-temperature materials, and surface modification and analysis by ion and laser beams.

Application Process

Applications for participation in the program may be made by submitting a written proposal, no longer than three pages, to SURA at the address below. Application deadline is February 16, 2004. The proposal should:

  • Set forth the scientific or technological significance of the proposed project;
  • List the major research tasks to be carried out in a statement of work;
  • Present an itemized proposal budget (see below) which includes student stipend(s) and expendable research supplies and materials; and
  • Identify a researcher at ORNL who will act as co-principal investigator and agrees to collaborate in the research. SURA can assist with locating appropriate ORNL collaborators if requested.

In addition, the principal investigator should enclose a one-page professional resume with contact information including mailing address.

A letter of support from the collaborating ORNL investigator is also required for funding. Thomas E. Hutchinson , SURA Program Coordinator, can aid in identifying a collaborative research investigator at ORNL if you are unfamiliar with one but have a compelling research topic which fits all other criteria of excellence.

A participant form must be filled out for each student you would like to support in this program. It will be used for contact purposes and to expedite ORNL access for participating foreign nationals.

Support of proposals is contingent on availability of funds to SURA from ORNL and on availability of appropriate ORNL collaborating personnel and facilities and resolution of any safety and environmental concerns.

It is expected that 8-10 projects will be supported in 2004, with one or more graduate students per project. In prior years, over half of the proposals have been funded. All proposals will receive a prompt review and evaluation regarding eligibility for funding. Peer review of the final proposal will determine the rank ordering of proposals selected for funding on the basis of research excellence.

Financial Support

Proposal project budgets may include a request for student stipends and a request for research supplies and materials. Student travel must be funded from student stipends. No funding is provided for faculty summer salaries or for faculty travel related to projects. Approved budgets of funded projects generally range between $4 to $8K after budget review by the program coordinator.


Proposal Deadline is February 16, 2004. Awardees will be notified by March 15, 2004. You are urged to submit a preliminary proposal for evaluation by the program coordinator well in advance of the deadline should revisions be required. Submit proposals to:

SURA-ORNL Summer Program 2004
1201 New York Avenue, NW
Suite 430
Washington, DC 20005
Fax: 202-408-8250
e-mail: Hugh Loweth

For More Information

For additional information on the SURA-ORNL Summer Program, contact Thomas E. Hutchinson (434-924-1723) or Hugh Loweth (202-408-7872)


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