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SURA News Update, January 2004

Jefferson Lab and Nuclear Physics

JLab On Target January 2004. JLab News. Editors: Linda Ware and Debbie Magaldi.

DOE Evaluation of JLab. The DOE Site Office at the Jefferson Lab has commended SURA for the performance of the Jefferson Lab in achieving an annual overall rating of Outstanding for FY2003. The Site Office evaluation incorporates the results of the laboratory's self assessment and captures the highlights of DOE observations, the results of DOE reviews and other information bearing on the performance of the Jefferson Lab during the year. See FY 2003 Overlay Performance Evaluation Report. SURA contacts: Hugh Loweth and Grace Plummer.

Information Technology

NMI Release 4. After completing the evaluation of NMI Release 3 in Fall 2003, the NMI Testbed sites began evaluating NMI Release 4 in mid-December 2003. NMI-R4 emphasizes open-source solutions to issues critical to collaboration across multiple organizations that may be separated by geography and by divergent local computing architectures. Feedback from the Testbed sites throughout this cycle (through April 2004) is provided to NMI developers as input to the next NMI release. Testbed site evaluation commitments and Component Testing Guidelines for Release 4 are available on the NMI Testbed Web site. SURA contact: Mary Fran Yafchak.

NMI and grid development. SURA NMI Testbed Manager Mary Fran Yafchak and five Testbed sites will be presenting on their activities in grid development, including the emerging Testbed Grid, at GlobusWorld 2004 on January 23. Georgia State University, Texas Advanced Computing Center, the University of Michigan, the University of Alabama in Huntsville and the University of Virginia will highlight the concept of a "campus grid" and the requirements and planning to develop inter-institutional, versus project-specific, grids. Conference organizers are exploring the possibility of delivering simultaneous presentation of this session via the AccessGrid. SURA contact: Mary Fran Yafchak.

NMI grid planning session. NMI Testbed sites and collaborators will convene in Atlanta on January 26 to share institutional experiences in grid technology and to begin identifying synergistic activities that would be valuable on a regional scale. This planning session is a first step in exploring how best to apply grid expertise in support of future SURA projects as well as several program areas of the new SURA IT strategy. Grid technology has become an important element at the Testbed sites as the next level of campus infrastructure to support research and education. Exploration and deployment of grid technology is taking place at most sites and recently resulted in the initiation of the Testbed grid project. SURA contact: Mary Fran Yafchak.

SURA/CIPP CyberSecurity Symposium. The 2004 SURA/CIPP CyberSecurity Symposium on March 8 and 9, at the George Mason University School of Law in Arlington, Virginia, is targeted to enhance federal funding to SURA institutions by promoting research-based security collaborations. The Symposium will feature information sessions on cybersecurity research, education, infrastructure protection and best practices. Members of Federal agencies that provide funding to security research and university security officers will be on hand to provide information and promote collaboration on cybersecurity. This event is an activity of the SURA Cybersecurity Working Group. Working Group Lead: Joy Hughes, Vice President and CIO, George Mason University. SURA contact: Mary Fran Yafchak.

6th Annual SURA VIDE® Digital Video Workshop. Registration is underway for the SURA-VIDE® 2004 Digital Video Workshop, widely hailed an essential event for learning more about the development and deployment of digital video for research and education. Scheduled for March 23 and 24 at the University Place Conference Center, Indiana University-Purdue University, Indianapolis, the Workshop opens with an evening keynote by Fred Kitson, Director of the Mobile and Media Systems Lab, Hewlett-Packard. Presentations and breakouts over the two-day workshop will cover such topics as distributed learning, medical applications, data collaboration, managing digital collections, international initiatives, and new technologies (MPEG4, SIP, HDTV-over-IP). Internet2 Commons Coordinator Training is offered before the main workshop and two post-workshop events, Education, Public Broadcasting and the Internet and ViDe® Workshop on H.350 will be offered as well. SURA contact: Sue Fratkin.

Coastal Research

SCOOP Data Grid. Progress continues on the nationwide demonstration of interoperability between regional ocean observing systems, which came on line December 1, 2003. The demo/development web site, has links to national maps of sea-surface temperature and wind data from an ever growing set of observing systems and federal agencies. Seven regional systems, along with NOAA and the U.S. Geological Services, are contributing data to the SCOOP wiki web site, which provides information about project goals, status, partners and their goals and objectives. Wiki users can track progress on a daily basis. Data contributors are being added as the community learns of its availability. SURA contact: Phil Bogden.

Technology Transfer and Academic Outreach

Terahertz Applications Symposium: SURA will host the Terahertz Applications Symposium: Bridging the Gap from R&D to the Marketplace on March 16-17 in Washington, DC. This event will be a forum for education and discussion between academia and industry regarding emerging terahertz technologies, with a focus on medical imaging, pharmaceutical, and security applications. The purpose of this symposium is to begin bridging the gap between the growing base of scientific research and the potential marketplace applications. SURA contact: Matt Thomas.

SURA/ORNL Summer Cooperative Research Program. SURA is accepting applications through February 16 for its Summer Cooperative Research Program at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. SURA has sponsored this program in materials research since 1989. Proposals will be considered from faculty of any university in the United States for summer salary support of graduate students in any area of materials research that can take advantage of the unique ORNL facilities and staff expertise. SURA anticipates the funding of 8-10 proposals. SURA contact: Hugh Loweth.

Executive, Management, Administrative

Council and Board chairs: John White (Chancellor, University of Arkansas) assumed the SURA Council of President chairmanship on January 1, 2004. Stephen Wallace (University of Maryland) assumed the SURA Board of Trustees chairmanship on January 1, 2004. In their respective positions as chairs of the Council and Board, White and Wallace become the Chair and Vice-Chair of the SURA Executive Committee. The Executive Committee is comprised of the Council officers, the Board officers, the chairs of the SURA standing committees, and the SURA President. SURA contact: Elizabeth Lawson.

Board of Trustee class of 2006: The Council of Presidents is in process of selecting the Trustees class of 2006 with appointments for the three-year term (2004-2006) for member universities:
* American University
* The University of Arkansas (appointment made)
* Baylor University (appointment made)
* The University of Central Florida
* Clark Atlanta University
* University of Delaware (appointment made)
* Florida State University (appointment made)
* The University of Georgia (appointment made)
* Hampton University
* University of Houston
* University of Louisiana at Lafayette (appointment made)
* The University of North Carolina (appointment made)
* Oklahoma State University (appointment made)
* Old Dominion University (appointment made)
* Texas A&M University
* Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (appointment made)

Board appointments: SURA welcomes to the Board of Trustees the reappointments of Collis Geren (Arkansas), Carolyn Thoroughgood (Delaware), Duane Blumberg (Louisiana-Lafayette), Tom Clegg (North Carolina-CH), Robert Ash (Old Dominion), and Jim Blair (Virginia Tech) who join new appointees Truell Hyde (Baylor), Lawrence Dennis (Florida State), Gordhan Patel (Georgia), and Stephen McKeever (Oklahoma State). Hyde and McKeever are representatives of SURA's newest member universities, which were elected by the Council in 2003. SURA contact: Elizabeth Lawson.

SURA staff:

* SURA welcomes to its corporate team Interim Chief Operating Officer, John Meinhardt. Meinhardt has held several positions in the Department of Energy, including Assistant Secretary for Defense Programs (Acting), Deputy Assistant Secretary for Nuclear Materials, and Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for Defense Programs. Meinhardt also was the Manager of the Washington Office of Sandia National Labs and Chief of Staff to the Senior VP for Nuclear Weapons for the Lab.

* John Holly joins the SURA corporate team as a Program Administrator. Prior to joining SURA, Holly was a lead resource coordinator for Hewlett-Packard on the US Senate project to develop a tracking system to manage logistics coordination for over 400 nation-wide locations. Holly attended the University of Maryland as an Economics major.

* Office Administrator Christie Smith has been promoted to Program Administrator on the SURA corporate team. Smith is a graduate of the University of Georgia and former congressional campaign staffer.

Spring 2004 Board meeting: The Spring meeting of the SURA Board of Trustees will be held on April 6 & 7, 2004 at the Hamilton Crowne Plaza, 14th and K Streets, NW, Washington, DC. SURA contact: Elizabeth Lawson.



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